Thursday, February 4, 2010

WCF Data Contracts and Serialization-1

Continuing from where we left last time,its time to up the ante and jump into the
nuts and bolts of complex databinding and serialization.This is the first of the 2 part series
(Especially) on serialization of complex types in WCF.I touch on the outline overview of what /how serialization is happening on WCF and make you comfortable with the WSDL generated for the complex types which would be serialized when you generate the proxy for your client application.
I have left the client application for now so that you can focus on the server side and not worry too much of what is being physically returned to the client by the server application.
We will integrate Server business logic ,wrap it with out Data contract and push/receive from the client application in the next part of this discussion.
I suggest spend time going through the WSDL files and get used to the formats.

As usual Slides for this session are here
and the source code is here .

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