Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amazon Seller Central integration using Soap/XML Services

The documentation for Amazon Web Services API for Seller Central is fairly detailed and it would appear that it would be a few easy steps required and you should be able to port your application to work with Seller Central easily.
This is exactly the impression ,I had in the beginning, when I started the integration work for my company.
It turned out that the documents available provided a few very elementary samples and there was a shortage of full examples and API information which could be used while developing for the real world scenario.There are quite a few things missing and so I thought I bring my experience into this document.

Attached HERE is the full document explaining the whole process along with the FEED Design and explaination.

Feel free to contact me incase you are stuck with any Amazon Integration related issue and I will be happy to suggest solutions based on my knowedge.

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