Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WCF:Getting started with Configuration settings

The initial learning curve for WCF beginners(also the most difficult part) is to deal with the scores of parameter settings that are thrown at you while going through the books and online material.
Believe me, it can dampen the spirits of the most seasoned of the developers.
To make things easy,I will try to start with the very bare skeleton and also the most commonly used settings and in the future sessions make it complex.
In this session I will build upon my last post where the host address,databinding,contracts were hardcoded on both the server and and client.
This time on we will decouple the service and it settings and move the settings over to a configuration file and show you how easy and simple both understanding and managing the source code can be with these changes.
I intend to cut down the initial learning bottlenecks for WCF novices ,a technology that is extremely powerful if mastered

The slides for this session can be downloaded here
The functional source for this session can be downloaded here .

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